Dyno Diagnostics and Dyno Tuning

4 Wheel Dyno

Our 4 wheel Dynomometer is located in our modern workshop in Yamanto Ipswich so, along with the latest diagnostic equipment we are able to perform Dyno Diagnostics and Dyno Tuning very efficiently

Dyno Diagnostics and Dyno Tuning

  • More Fuel Efficient
  • Vehicle Diagnosis is Faster
  • Your Car is Safe
  • Increase Performance
  • Reduce Emissions

Dyno’s measure force (torque) and power (HP/KW). Tuning and diagnostic tasks are done under the same conditions in which the car is driven. Loads can be varied and different conditions simulated – such as towing, driving uphill, highway driving etc. So using a dyno is the most accurate way to evaluate your vehicles behaviour.

A dyno is typically used in three different categories:-

All 4WD’s are typically in a state of de-tune when delivered from factory with the manufacturers allowing for a wide range of tolerances and environmental conditions that today’s 4WD’s could be potentially faced with.
We provide three different types of custom tunes :-

ECO TUNING: Everybody wants better fuel economy, and most of us want more power. Most times, you’ll be told that you can’t have both. We prove this conventional wisdom wrong every day.

Our eco tune combines optimal fuel economy with a noticeable improvement in performance. Get more power, better throttle and more torque. It’s something you’ll notice no matter where you’re driving.

POWER TUNING: If you love hearing the motor rev when you’re waiting for a stop light to turn green, if your ute needs exceptional power to meet exceptional demands, then power tuning is for you.

We can deliver huge power gains that are tailored to what you need the vehicle to do. Whether you want to add more torque to your sporty ride or more power to your loaded work vehicle, we can help.

MODEL UPGRADES: You know the performance, fuel economy and power you want in a vehicle. You’ve even found the perfect model to deliver everything on your list. Unfortunately, the bank and your cheque book won’t allow you to purchase that vehicle. Don’t worry. We all know that some manufacturers produce practically identical vehicles and sell them as different models. Purchase the lower-spec model and bring it to us. We’ll upgrade it into the higher-spec model in as little as one day. There are, of course, limits to what we can do. While we can tune vehicles to perfection, we can’t give you leather seats or a sunroof. But if it’s under the bonnet and can be improved, we’ll do it.
A custom tune will not only improve the day to day performance and driving of your vehicle but will also reduce fuel costs. Making sure that these vehicles can safely perform to their utmost ability.

The dyno operator is able to use the carefully calibrated equipment to measure the air / fuel ratio at any rev range. He is also able to diagnose symptoms such as power drops, flat spots, “missing” and identify where peak power and torque is produced.
Also the dyno allows the operator to hold the vehicle at various speeds thus enabling a diagnosis on any running problems, test the vehicle in a number of conditions or have other external testing equipment attached, without the risk of traffic. This enables the ultimate care of your vehicle.

Dyno runs are appropriate for people who would like to know how much horsepower / torque your vehicle is generating at the wheels.

Therefore if you want to ensure that your engine is performing at its maximum potential and within reasonable and safe limits, it is necessary to have it diagnosed / tuned on a dyno to provide clarity, saving you time and money.

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Dyno Diagnostics and Dyno Tuning

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