Steering, Braking & suspension testing


Platetronic Steering, Braking & suspension testing

PLATERONIC… the most technically advanced drive on testing machine for performance and safety rating of your car.

Plateronic will test and diagnose faults plus give an electronic printout showing the exact condition and performance standard of your Brake System, Steering and Suspension.

Plateronic measures variances in vehicle performance from Manufactures Specifications plus shows differences in performance and operation from wheel to wheel.

  • Drive over Platetronic and Platetronic’s advanced technology:
  • Detects dangerous brake & steering imbalances that could cause a vehicle to spin out of control.
  • Checks wheel alignment on both front and rear axles.
  • Measures the rebound of each shock absorber.
  • Measures corner weight and acts as a weighbridge.
  • Gives the car owner an accurate digital readout as well as an electronic printout of all the tests performed.
  • The assurance of knowing is priceless
  • Plateronic gives you the edge to make an informed decision about the repair and maintenance of your car.
  • No more guess work
  • No long waits
  • No unnecessary repair bills

The test takes minutes not hours leaving you time to see for yourself the true status of your vehicle.

Safe T Stop Platronics

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